Harmony & flow ritual pack


Everything you need to create your own to encourage harmony, balance and flow.

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Sage smudge stick
Subtle energies bath soak
Banded agate, Aventurine & Clear quartz intention jar with scroll
Tea light candle
Agate crystal donut + spiral talisman
Agate harmonises the yin and yang/positive and negative energy by soothing and calming, as well as grounding. A powerful healer, it brings our attention to anything out of balance, and aids our perception. Blue Agate helps us speak our truth, and discern, and accept circumstances.
Clear quartz is a balancer, particularly of the emotions, and regulates energy.
Aventurine stabilises ones state of mind, and enhances creativity. It balances male-female energies.
Crystals & rune charged with Poseidon’s flow