Home essentials crystal pack


This pack is the essential crystals for any home to encourage love, peace, tranquility, abundance and protection.

Black tourmaline crystal for grounding and protection.

Amethyst for calm and tranquility.

Rose quartz  for love.

Citrine for abundance.

Clear quartz for cleansing and purification.



This pack is the essential crystals for any home.  Encourage love, peace, tranquility, abundance and protection in your home

Natural Black tourmaline crystal for grounding and protection.  It clears the aura, removes energy blockages and disperses negative energy as well as electromagnetic smog.  It works with you to understand yourself, and work through fear to diminish it.  It wards off any negative intentions.
Suggested room:  Bedroom

Natural Amethyst for calm and tranquility, as well as being a protective stone.  It calms the mind, and dissolves anxiety and helps overcome insomnia. It has strong healing, cleansing and emotional balancing properties.  It is a very spiritual crystal, opening intuition.
Suggested room:  Entrance

Natural Rose quartz  for love.  Rose quartz is a stone for unconditional love.    It replaces negative energy with loving energy, and strengthens empathy and compassion.  It also encourages forgiveness and self-acceptance.
Suggested room:  Main living area

Citrine (tumbled stone) for abundance.  It is warming and energizing (like the sun).  This is one of the few crystals that does not need cleansing.  It encourges sharing, and holding onto your wealth and prosperity at the same time.  Citrine promotes joy in life.
Suggested room:  Pantry or kitchen

Clear quartz (tumbled stone) for cleansing and purification.  Clear quartz is excellent for cleansing and unblocking energy.  IT filters out distraction and what you don’t need.  It is a soul cleanser.  Over time, clear quartz can align itself with your vibration, helping you and your energy to feel clearer.
Suggested room:  Bathroom