Positivity & protection mini ritual pack


All the basics you need to create your own ritual to encourage positivity, and protection from negative energy.

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Sea salt bath soak
Amethyst point, Shungite, clear quartz, & aventurine intention jar with scroll
Tea light candle
Rune talisman (on waxed cotton cord necklace)
Crystals and talisman and charged by Isis protection energy
Amethyst is a protective stone, particularly for travellers. It calms the mind, and dissolves anxiety. It has strong healing, cleansing and emotional balancing properties.
Aventurine diffuses negative situations and turns them around. It stabilises ones state of mind, and enhances creativity. It protects the heart and enables emotional recovery.
Clear quartz is a balancer, particularly of the emotions. It supports,absorbs, restores and regulates energy, removing negativity and amplifying positivity.
Shungite encourages and supports drawing out and releasing everything that does harm to you, and restores everything that is useful and nourishing. It is mostly carbon, bringing us back, reminding us of our true form.