Imagine a world where you feel joyful and fully supported.  A constant radiation of joy and love of all things.

This is the opening line to introduce my gratitude course at the moment.  I was so inspired by this vision of a world of gratitude, and getting these tools out there for everyone to build this world for themselves, that I did my first facebook live video about it.

I love this so vision much, that I want to share more…

Imagine waking up and opening your eyes to the beauty that is all around you (the stuff that is already there sparkles).  The connection, the abundance, the joy.  Feeling so supported and held by your bed and the covers you’re wrapped in.  Looking around the room and feeling so much joy and gratitude for the memories and securities brought into your world by all of these objects that surround you.  This feeling continues as you travel throughout your day.  When you get up, you easily feel the connection and support of the strong Earth beneath your feet.  You are feeling joyful, and happy to live this wonderful day.  You can feel the presence of the smile on your face, it’s like smiling from the heart (if you have kids, you know that feeling that melts your heart when you look at your sleeping children?  A bit like that!).  You care for your body like an old friend, it follows your instructions, takes care of you and communicates with you all day, every day – oh, there is so much gratitude in that.  When you eat, you thank the Earth for the food and the deep nourishment it is giving to your body.  This sends more love to that old friend, your body.  

I’m feeling all loved up and you haven’t even left the house yet!

Your day is filled with connection, after connection.  Your awareness has expanded to an appreciation for the purpose of all things. All beings (including yourself) pause and make eye contact to say “thank you”, and show their appreciation for one another and their actions.  You feel worthy, and so do all beings.  

There’s a mishap, an explanation went wrong, a miscommunication, something perceived as an insult… whatever it is, it would normally get to you, you’d go over it and over it in your mind.  But now, we see that you breathe, you recover from the mishap, and you take some time to connect with the need that you want to connect with here.  You think “what was missing here that I can change for next time?”, or “what did I realise in this moment?”.  You see that learning, and you feel joyfully thankful that the door to move forward from the outdated negative perception was opened through this experience.  You now see it as a doorway, not a sticking point.  There is a feeling of freedom.  There’s that deep smile again.

You go home, and finish your day feeling supported as you ease into that comfy chair or lounge or bed reflecting on the fulfillment you experienced today.

The thought may have crossed your mind that I’m talking about a ‘perfect world’ here.  I’m not.  I’m describing a day with a gratitude perspective in a (beautifully) imperfect world.  This doesn’t mean ‘think positive’.  It does involves participation, practice and acknowledgement of all things… but I promise you creating a daily gratitude practice within your everyday life is totally worth it (and pretty easy when you have the tools).

Much love and gratitude.x