About Cat

Cat believes that following our inner callings and messages in our everyday brings us to following our authentic path and living a life that we love.  She believes that we can live in sync with nature and magic without giving up our modern way of living (if we choose).  This is what Everyday Magic is all about.  Cat loves to learn, and follow her passions. This has led her to study and work in the health and natural therapies industry for many years, trusting in the body and it’s natural ways of healing and revealing our own magic through intuition and innate wisdom, as well as supporting others in their personal empowerment journey.

Cat has always seen the synchronicities and symbolism in life, living with a connected sense of animism in the world, and curiousity. She is a (at least) fourth generation psychic reader on her maternal family line. Her great great aunty Gladys reading playing cards as you would tarot outside of the factories during the great depression, and her great aunty Nellie spending hours at Myer doing readings for the staff to name a couple. Cat was taught the art of tea leaf reading by her now dear friend and mentor, wise woman of tea, astrologer, author and board game creator, Lindel Barker-Revell.

Cat currently lives in connection and communication with life with her partner, three boys, three chooks and growing a magical and medicinal garden, drinking tea and enjoying the view.