“It’s my favourite thing in the world!” I found myself exclaiming to the amazing and divine Marion during a skype session.   Tea, and tea leaf reading are a passion close to my heart and so
much a deep part of me (it’s hard to keep this post on track).  Magically, tea is a herb of courage, strength an riches (but that’s another blog post).

I have many favourite things, in the world (I’m a passionate being),  and on this day we were having a look at the leaves in my cup as Marion and I discussed my deep love of tea leaf reading.  After drinking my tea, and preparing my cup the way my dear friend and mentor, Lindel, has taught me, we were looking at this cup.  The feeling is what struck both Marion and myself first.  It felt big, powerful.  Among the symbols in the cup, one thing that I was drawn to was a snail (centre, right, moving upwards).  When Marion looked at the same leaf formation, she saw a caravan.

Is there a right way?

You may be wondering ‘Who was right?’.  The answer is, both of us. well actually, in my mind, it’s neither because there is no right or wrong in your own intuitive seeing.  If we go into the caravan and the snail a bit more, we realise that both images are a similar concept.  In this case, the short version is a feeling of security, with movement.

It is this aspect of tea leaf reading that makes my heart sing!    You don’t have to see the same image, to pick up on the same vibe.  I love that everyone who has a go at tea leaf reading has their own way of seeing!  Everyone has their own way of listening to their intuition!   When I share a cup for intuition practice in my facebook group, everyone has a lot of fun, and there is often a common theme or thread in the comments.

You don’t have to see the same thing to get the message.  There is no ‘right’ way of seeing.  I LOVE the way that everyone can see the same (or similar) message in a cup, through their own way of seeing.  It’s one of my favourite things in the world!

What do you see in the cup?

I invite you to share in the comments below.