Today, my mind was awakened some more, and I love it.

First, let me give you some back story.  With all of the astrological vibes, and some general life challenges like wanting to move (on many levels), but struggling to find the momentum, I had got into that habit of heavy thinking.  You know, when you wake up in the morning and you think “I’m tired”, or you think “Why does this have to be difficult?” with that heavy, dragging feeling.  Me, being me, I chose to keep working through, and with, everything that’s thrown at me.  It’s in my heart, and I love it.  I feel it’s all part of the learning journey of this life, and closer to my truth and my path.

I was really drawn to the 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness course that is going on at the moment by Deep Peace Trust (they are running it again in November if you’re keen to get involved).  Today’s session was about the importance of words.  The consciousness of words is something that I feel passionate about.  Words, their energy, and the feelings connected to them create your spells and magic, and they can have a lasting impact, particularly with kids.  Two of my favourite things.  Needless to say I was excited to read on.

Awareness expanded.

After reading the session, I was aware of the vibrations and energy around so many sayings and phrases we use.   For example, thinking about being ‘Dog tired’ is insulting to my beautiful, loving, loyal, gentle dog, whose part in our family is deeply valued, and his love and care for us is clear.  The words and phrases meant as positive, can still have an aggressive, negative, heavy, and damaging vibe too.    Saying things like “he smashed it” when one of the kids eats all of his meal, still have a violent or aggressive connotation.

Deeper commitment to consciousness inspired.

Today, I am committing to bringing more awareness to my words.  Noticing these phrases in my life, and looking for more loving, positive, lighter, brighter, connected words.  In this way, I believe that we can change the world.

P.s. After making this commitment, something more resonated with me.   I realised that this is a part of why I created my gratitude course.   The simple act of asking the question, looking around for, and connecting to your deep appreciation of something, connects to the appreciation of all that is,  and how we use words to describe our life, creates our world.

I love when a resonance with something opens so many doors and insights ❤