Let’s talk about unleashing your creativity.  I want to go to a foundational step; let’s release anything that is blocking or stopping us from unleashing our creativity.  A  lot of us are told to “be serious”, or to “stop dreaming” and “get real”, this often creates negative beliefs, and energetic blocks around being creative.  No matter what your past experience is, you can move forward and create.  Like anything in life, there are lessons we need to learn, there are parts of us we need to let go of (e.g. fear and limiting beliefs), and parts of us that we need to accept and allow (e.g. creative flow).

Here are my top tips on releasing fear, to open the way for your natural creativity to flow.

BREATHE deeply, and relax.  Take some time out for yourself.  Give yourself the space to simply be you.

Do things you ENJOY,  something that really nourishes you.

ALLOW yourself to be creative.  It can be as simple as sitting down with a pen and paper and seeing what you draw/write, dance, walk in nature.  again, something that nourishes you.

TRUST in your intuition.  I believe intuition, self-confidence, and creativity are closely linked.  The more you trust yourself, the easier it is to be creative.

VISUALISE what it’d be like and feel like to infuse creativity into your life.  Visualise and meditate on the projects and feelings that you feel ‘stuck’ on, so you can work through them and release any old reliefs.

Accept and seek SUPPORT from other creative beings.  You can look at exercises on reframing fear and limiting beliefs.  You can reach out to friends who encourage you to embrace your creativity.  Surround yourself with the energy that you want to enhance within yourself.

For many years, I’ve regularly had kinesiology sessions.  This has really helped me get past fear, to build a stronger foundation on trusting myself and connecting with my true essence of self.  If you’re stuck on limiting beliefs or feelings, I certainly recommend it, or any form of healing to help with your energy shift.

There are many things you can do in your daily life to start allowing the flow of creativity into our lives; you can trust your intuition, you can visualise, you can speak up and ask for reassurance, and you can get help to work through anything that you’re having trouble releasing on your own.

Unleashing your creativity can be a deeply spiritual journey, allowing and seeing who you truly are (without judgement), and being grateful for the lessons on this journey.