Bespoke Magic

The magic of why you are here has been foretold, and is known deep within you.

With regular 1:1 sessions of weekly guidance and prescription magic, your transformational season with me will support you to embody your magic and your values on a deeper level. Sparkling and enchanting from the inside out.

Shed, Grow, Bloom, and Radiate.

A beautiful package of deliciousness for you and only you, with all of your favourites.

Bespoke magic is a bit like going to a handmade chocolatier, down a little paved road or alley way;  instead of buying a premade box that someone else has compiled, you explore your way through the flavours, delicate, strong, and delicious, and pick your own flavours to add.

Each Bespoke Magic package is different, because you are like no other in this world.

What’s included over the season (aka. 3 months);

-> Fortnightly 1:1 fortnightly sessions for an hour (up to 75 mins)

-> An option for a 10-20 min check in call every other week to support true integration.

-> Unlimited Voxer or Whatsapp 1:1 support.

-> Access to any memberships or courses if applicable.

Drawn to certain things and unsure why?

Do cycles and messages from the universe repeat themselves?  What is life telling you…?

That is where I come in. Interpreter to the secret messages of the universe,

I can translate into everyday, practical living advice.



About Cat

Cat is a witchy mumma goddess of three boys and a couple of (now spirit) dogs. She’s also a psychic who loves tea leaf reading (and all kinds of divination), a sunshine lover, a natural therapist, a gardener of edible plants (what do you call that?), amongst other things. She feels that magic, the world around us, spirituality and everyday life are intertwined: a lot of people today appear to have forgotten this. Cat has a family history of professional psychics and is inspired to help others create everyday magic easily, trusting their intuition and alignment with self.

Cat has always been drawn to self/spiritual development and believes that we all have intuitive ability. Through various circumstances throughout life (or past lives, other dimensions etc) we can block or forget our connection to self. It’s times like these that we need a ‘nudge in the right direction’ to reconnect with ourselves.

After a few strong nudges from the universe, and through the spiritual journey of motherhood, Cat decided to further develop her intuitive and alchemical essence. She has done a lot of work on releasing fear and trusting herself, and opening up (or is it remembering) to the natural magic a part of everyday life. This attracted a lot of people asking questions about themselves and the energetic worlds, which has inspired her to help others through the journey to hearing and trusting their inner knowing, and living a happier, more deeply connected life.

As seen in…

Why people love to work with Cat:

“Holy moly!  Powerful AF!  What a joy it is to walk earthside connected to such an incredibly gifted woman.  The ripple affects of being gifted with such beautiful wisdom & further clarification on my soul’s incarnation are still being felt.”
– Kate

“Yearning for connection to pleasure, play, sparkle and magic!  This emPOWERess reads tea leaves, is a psychic reader and makes finding magic in the every day accessible, easy and pleasurable!  Wanna have a human experience that feels like swinging in a hammock while sipping a warming tea from your favourite cup?  Then Cat is your resting place”
– Callie