evil crystal

So, you were completely drawn to a crystal, it spoke to you, you put it on, placed it somewhere special….and then… everything changed… your day lost it’s mojo, you felt flat, everything went ‘wrong’.  Is it the crystal?  Could it be evil?  Could you have picked a crystal that’s negative for you?  Is it sabotaging you or your work? Eeek!  What is happening?  You find yourself holding the crystal over the bin, or you’re backing away from it slowly (okay, slight exaggeration, you’re only considering these options. lol ).  Before you (understandably) freak out, let me assure you that there is no such thing as an evil crystal, so there’s no need for you to worry or be fearful of it.  But, something is still going on, so take a moment to note if any of these scenarios resonate with you.  If they do, it’s likely what is going on for you right now.

Crystals that are new, or have belonged to someone else beforehand may need to be cleansed.  If they have been around negative energy in the past this may impact their vibration.  These experiences can come from previous owners, how they have been treated, and for what use, their creation in the Earth, or the way they came to be out of the Earth, or something totally different.  When I, and many other crystal foster carers (aka. retailers), send crystals out to you, we cleanse and energise them.  So, if your crystal is from a reputable place, chances are that isn’t the source of this messy juju. If you think you need to cleanse and energise, trust your intuition on what would work best for your crystal (if you’re stuck or are unsure try my crystal care ebook).

Some crystals can have very powerful energy.  Depending on where your energy is at in a particular moment (or day, or phase) there can be a clash.  If you feel there’s a bit of this, it could be that you’re not quite ready for the energy, or you’re transitioning to meet this energy.  My suggestion for this is to try wearing or using the crystal for short stints to begin with.  You may be able to wear the crystal for a couple of hours, or only in certain spaces.  Trust your intuition on that one.  It may be better in your bag with you rather than on you at certain times, or you may want to put it away for a time before getting it out again.  If you take some time to notice, you may find you have tell tale signs.  For me, I can end up a bit spacey with certain crystals, or a bit agitated with others – then I know it’s time to take a break.

In other instances, your crystal could be doing it’s job perfectly.  Yes, I did just say that…stay with me.  The crystal may be doing what it is energised, or programmed to do.  We are usually drawn to crystals to support us when we are going through something, or want to move forward, or release some baggage, or energise ourselves, or connect in some way.  Often, working through, or to, these goals involves a process of releasing, disposing of stuff that no longer serves us, or finding new ways through challenges.  If that’s your crystal’s purpose, and you feel like you’re having a rough ride.. hooray!  It’s bringing stuff to your attention and giving you an opportunity to do the ground work to achieve what you want.  If you’re looking to connect with your joy, you may need to feel and release stagnant feelings.  If you want to be fertile (babies, or ideas, or money), you may need to work through blocks.  If you want to find your life purpose or true path, you may need to give up some stuff, or change direction to move forward.  E.g..Magnesite brings deceit to the surface, and it also helps you recognise unconscious thoughts and feelings. So, even though it’s generally calming, it can stir things up to get to the root of stress before bringing calm.  In the case of the crystals working perfectly for you in an unexpected way, it may be a matter of asking what it is that your crystal needs, or what it is you need to know to be more in sync.  Trust your first thoughts and feelings.

Have you had an experience like this?  Do any of these resonate with you?  I’d love to hear about it (comment below).