Artwork: Mother Earth by Art Of Edge

I’ve noticed that lots of people I’ve come into contact with lately have been feeling a bit off kilter.  There has been a sense of unease, agitation and nervousness that some of us haven’t been able to pinpoint.  This has coincided with the recent full moon, the retrogrades and there is a lot of action going on in the cosmos that’s for sure!

We are feeling it, our kids are feeling it.  There are those days (or weeks, or more) where the kids are a bit uneasy, they are agitated and they don’t know why, but they want to stay closer than usual. 

With both ourselves and our kids we find ourselves looking for external factors.  We wonder what is going on. Is there stuff happening under the surface, have we eaten unusual foods, what have we been exposing ourselves to, who said what that could’ve affected what’s going on now for us.. the list can go on and on.

Around the time of the recent hurricanes, floods and earthquakes I noticed uneasiness with my kids, and some friends’ children.  They really wanted to stay close to their mums and they seemed a bit tense.  The adults seemed unusually nervy.  In hindsight, I started wondering if we are all sensing the ‘disturbance in the force’ (Earth energy force). 

Check the connection 

When something is out of whack with our electronics, the first thing we do is check our connections with it.  We firstly check the power supply, check the reception, reboot the modem if necessary and so on.  We can do the same thing with ourselves. 

Once we check our connection, do we know what is going on at the other end?  After all, a good connection runs both ways.   When you are searching for the ‘what’… we can often ask our guides, we go for the divine connection, or perhaps looking to the astrology..we have so many beautiful ways to be in harmony with the universe!  We can look more locally … look below as a reflection of above (e.g. astrology) …go to our mother connection if you like.  A step we often miss. 

We are connected to the Earth and the natural world (remember or not, we are a part of it). We are animals, too.  Many animals, fur babies/animal companions, and wild, have a sense when there is a shift in nature… ever noticed a dog, or the stillness and missing birdsong just before a storm?  

Have you consisered your connection?   Could you or your child be sensing, and experiencing an instinctual response to what is happening in the earth?  It may not be something as worldy as a natural disaster, it could simply be connected to thr seasons and their themes (something I go into with the Everyday Magic members); Summer: abundance, exuberance, full energy, Autumn; Letting go, harvesting, learning, Winter; reflection, rest, planning, slowing down, Spring; growing, expanding, new.

I think it can be in our modern nature to consider the external factors (we have often been brought up to believe that life happens to us).  We can forget that we are working with life.  And that’s ok.   We are human. 

So, next time you’re a bit off, it might be worth checking your connection first.  It is a very easy way to become aware of your earth connection, and the oneness that we all share.