The other morning I practiced some Everyday Magic cleansing through showering and washing my hair, and as always, a breakthrough was on the other side. Woohoo!! I really love how the magic opens up doors of realisation, stepping up and moving forward! 💖

Hair washing You know how you always feel better after washing your hair? I actually get edgy and agitated when I don’t wash my hair (even if I haven’t consciously noticed that it needs a clean). I sense the need to remove the old and stagnant energy I was feeling resistant to working with someone in a mentoring program that I have started.  It wasn’t something I had been able to pinpoint when delving into it before.  It was a body sense (let’s say a gut feeling) that was flagging and asking me to pay attention.

A shower is always something that refreshes me and my energy.  So I had a shower and cleansed (this time with salt), and washed my hair.  I let go of all of the stagnation, confusion, and anything else causing the ‘hairy bits’ that I was experiencing in the process of this mentorship program.

And, magically, like it always does, using Everyday magic opened up the door for the insight to come through.  It was immediate.  I looked at what it was that was flagging my attention.  In short, they are ‘living the dream’.  Then it was as simple as asking why I was fearing living my own dream because I could see that is what I was resistant to, and the insight flowed.

All I did after that was share my truth, as it was, in the mentorship group.  Then I was back in my flow (woohoo return of my mojo).  I updated the Cat’s Everyday Magic and Readings for clarity facebook group banner and I introducted hashtags for the group (something I have had on the back burner due to ‘lack of inspiration’).

I really love how the simple everyday things can open up a whole new level of life.  That is what Everyday Magic is all about 💓

My Magical Mornings course runs through showering and specifically how you can work that magic.  And the Everyday Magic members resources has so many examples of how you can use simple things like washing your hair and flossing your teeth to gain deeper insights into what is going on for you 💖

Artwork by Lincoln Seligman