It’s that time of year where we reflect on the last year; the laughter, the tears, the relaxation, the tensions and everything in between.  We look at the things we wish we did, or the things that we didn’t do well with, and decide that “in the new year I’ll be/do it ‘better’” and so we make our resolutions.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a resolution that will stick!

Step 1. CONGRATULATE YOURSELF on the things you did accomplish in the last year (check out November’s edition on gratitude for tips).  Even if you only made it half way to your goal from the last year – that’s still progress!

Step 2. DECIDE on what you’d like to improve.  Let’s go with the typical ‘lose weight’ example; “I want to lose weight”

Step 3.  Choose a TIME FRAME “I want to lose weight by September”

Now let’s get specific

Step 4.  DEFINE exactly what it is that you want to do.  “I want to fit into my black pants before Jack and Jill’s wedding on 17th September”

Step 5.  Attach an EMOTION to it.  This is an important step energetically.   How will you FEEL once you reach your goal? “I will feel proud of myself”. 
NB:  Also take some time to notice if there is any emotional resistance to your goal, whether you can release it with your intention, or whether you’ll need to invest in some professional help, or put a particular strategy/safety net in place.

Step 6. MAKE IT PRESENT tense – write it like it’s already happened.  Create the energy of achievement.  “It is 17th September 2016 and I am feeling confident in my black pants at Jack and Jill’s wedding and I am proud of myself for achieving an improved lifestyle”

Step 7. Make it PERMANENT.  Create the energy of accomplishment and reality.  “It is 2016 and I am proud of myself for achieving and sticking to a healthy lifestyle, I have changed my future and I am excited about the opportunities good health can give me”

So, to recap:

–          Set out what you REALLY want – be specific!

–          Attach an EMOTION to it – the feeling you associate with your accomplishment.

–          Make it PRESENT and PERMANENT – like it’s already done, and your life is changed.

And of course, WRITE IT DOWN and put it somewhere that you will see often.  Even cut out some pictures and create a vision board; a collage of pictures, words and feelings you associate with completing your resolution.

Now you are on your way to not only a Happy New Year but to living your dreams!