There has been a lot going on and a lot of questions lately about the full moon in Leo + eclipse + blood moon + blue moon + super moon tonight. So, here is my interpretation of the vibes and the best way to harness them.

I’d like to start with some definitions so that we are all on the same page…

Full moon is when you can see the whole round shape of the moon. This is the time light is shone on what we need to see. It is also a time of fullness, and full energy, where things we are working towards culminate. A great time to step out and be seen (and to see).

Moon in Leo is when the moon is in the sign of Leo as it travels through the zodiac. Leo is a great vibe for self awareness, self confidence and stepping out.

Lunar eclipse is when the moon appears dark because it is in the Earth’s shadow. i.e. the Earth is between the moon and the sun (that the moon light reflects). The blood moon comes when the moon is in total eclipse and the sun’s light and Earth’s atmosphere interact in a specific way (refraction). I believe this is only a specific times like sunset.

Super moon can be at any time of the moon phase and is when the moon is closest to the Earth, and appears biggest.

Blue moon is when there is a second full moon in the one month.

So, we have our second full moon of the month, passing through Leo, eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow with some redness when the light refracts.

The vibe for now
The current vibe I am feeling and tuning in to is one of BIG change. Transitions are big. We are re-grounding, realigning, and there is a lot of emotional healing and transition going on. The light is really being shone in what we are and aren’t OK with.

The sense I’m really getting is that things that we have been working towards for a long time – particularly ways of being – are preparing to come forth. I’m talking living your purpose, speaking up for yourself, living your values. No more time for old patterns and habits, no room for the programmed sh*t that keeps coming up.

So what does this involve, and how will it work for us?
If you are willing to move through the baggage, explore it, and allow it to drop, you’re feeling like “it’s ALL GOOOOD” right now. You can feel the big things around the corner, you’ve got the call and you’re about to step on stage (and quite possibly make your debut performance. *BOOM* comes to mind).

If you aren’t quite there yet, now is the time to build what you need; support systems, nourishment, tools to listen to yourself (or have other listen to you), nourishing your body, drinking water. the tools you will have with you moving forward. Build those now. So when the spotlight is on and you step out from behind the curtain, you have already had all that you need.

And, if you’re feeling a big sense of a need to release, my biggest suggestion is to, again, look at working on support systems. That includes doing a cull of what isn’t supporting you (de-clutter, donating old clothes that don’t match your vibe, making choices around toxic relationships, cleaning etc).

What do you need to put in place so that regular and ease-ful release is attainable (so you don’t need to wait for a big build up). Now is a really good time for small things to have BIG effectiveness. Everyday Magic is my favourite suggestion (check out the #DailyDoableMagic videos for some inspiration on what resonates for you. Flushing it is a good release option).

All of this has Leo vibe, yes (hence the spotlight references), and if you need support with self confidence or self-awareness or owning you and your awesome. It is time to give yourself that. There is also a sense of creation (I’ve been dreaming of snakes), and creating your own energy and (re)birthing your your own vibe.

What ritual can I do?

The most important thing with rituals is to trust hat resonates and feels aligned for you.

My suggestion this moon, is a very simple one….

Make a list of what you can see needs to go.
A list of what you are building (i.e. your self nourishment and support systems)
A statement, word or list of where/who you are ready to be.

Go out tonight (or the next) when the moon is full and say hello to her. Take some time to connect and gaze. Feel free to call in your deity, guides, animal, or sacred elements of choice, light a candle (or none of those).

Tune in and thank her for all that she has shone light on, and connect with the light shining energy of her fullness. Have a sense that you now know what has to go. Then tune in to the eclipse energy (even if you can’t see it), and thank mother moon for releasing the shadows (read your list for this). Then feel a sense of the eclipse, and the blood moon radiance and resonance directing the rays and vaporizing the list. You may burn, bury, or bin the list now (or put it on the ground and bin later). If it is in a journal, don’t stress, you can cross it out.

Now, state what you have been building (your next list or support and nourishment), feeling and honouring the sense that Mother Moon energy has always been behind you with this.

And, feeling you basking in her light, step forward (like into a spotlight) and announce your “I AM…” statement(s), and BE SEEN. You are seen and supported and held up, for BEing YOU, and living aligned with that. Really connect with the feeling (that is the key to living the magic). Take as long as you wish here. Trust the sense that you’re getting.

When you feel ready, ask what your next step is, and trust what comes immediately. If it is an instruction or a sense, move towards that. Let your intuition be your guide. Trust yourself. You know.

(NB: If you’ve done all of the work, you will be and achieve what it is you believe is for you.
If there is more work to be done on the releasing, it will come up in the next week or so. Celebrate it, allow yourself to move through it, as your spotlight is on the other side, you’re heading to a new stage)

Image credit: Leo moon by Susan Seddon Boulet

Are you feeling a sense of this vibe around this moon? What are you planning to do this moon?

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