When you pick a card on a facebook page, or with a friend, or even picking the window on playschool you are inviting you intution to come and play.  

What do you do with the guidance you receive (from yourself, or a professional)?

Once you receive guidance whether it be through you intution or through a reading, notice what resonates.   When you feel that you are connected with the message and it resonate (and you’re wiling), ask for your next step.

Once you have tuned in and asked your next step, notice any thoughts, ideas or feelings that come immediately after the question.  And also notice any synchronicities and further messages fron the universe (see Deciphering signs from the universe if you want to know more on this).

Once you have a guide for your next step.   Take action.   This is important.   You cannot work with someone who isn’t working with you.   This is why we need to take action steps, you and the universe are working together.  And… who doesn’t love feeling empowered?

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Deck used for photo:  The silver witchcraft tarot