This comes up A LOT.  Weird noises, electrical flickering… the same sounds over and over again at the same time of day, cold rooms.  So is it really a ghost, a dark entity, or something else?

Entity, energy or spirit?

Well, in my experience, different things are from different causes.  Let’s start with the most ‘spooky’ stories… they are usually the ones about heavy footsteps in a house (yep, lived in one of those), or a wail or a laugh in a certain corridor, or spirits seen.. at the same time of day, doing the same thing.  This is generally not a ghost, or spirit, or an entity.  It is usually residual or stagnant energy from a previous tenant.  Not even a dead one,  this person can be totally living.  It could even be your own energy.  This energy comes from an emotionally charged space.  An intense argument, a moment of intense joy, fearful waiting or anything that brings depth to the energy of the emotion.  Think of it as digging a track in snow, a powerful tool (intense emotion) will dig a deep track, as well repeated digging (repeated actions like pacing) will leave an imprint.

Now, electrical flickering (like when the TV turns on by itself, or a light flickers), and oddly placed objects that feel like signs from the universe are more likely to be spirits or ghosts.  The thing is, they generally do not intend to scare you.  They are simply trying to get your attention.  It could be someone you know saying hello.  It could be a lost stranger who is confused, or needs to get a message across…and in that case, for sure, get someone in to talk to spirit and help them move on.  Quite often, spirits may not know they are no longer in human form, they may have some part of their story that needs to be said, or they may be saying hello.  Also, if you really intently call a spirit back to the earthly realm, they could be a bit grumpy if they are continuing on their spiritual journey (like when we do all the work and then that cheeky habit calls us back to our old energetic space).

Lower energy entities, in my experience are very rare.  If you feel always low and drained, or a space does, and you don’t know why, it could be residual energy, or it could be an entity.  In this case the depletion is slow, and significantly noticeable after a month or more.

It is also possible that there are your spirit guides (or guardian angels) or beings from other dimensions hanging around to help you.   And that it is our perception or fear of someone unexpected in our space that makes us question the ghost factor.  In this case, we can always speak our limits to our guides or spirit.  It will be respected.

Why at night?

Why do spirits always seem to visit at night?  Well, because they are energy, and they see in energy.  So no, grandma can’t see you leaving that drawer open with clothes bursting out, and she can’t see you in the shower.  All they see if our energy.  So, they often approach when energy is calm.  And for us in a busy paced-life, it is so often at night time or early morning.  when our awareness is there, and our energy is calm.  A bit like an energetic meditation, perhaps.

What can I do to clear it?

Typically you can do any energy clearing or space clearing methods, which ever suits you.  You can smudge , you can bathe in salt in the case of entities, or if you can’t shake the energy yourself, you can visualise white light waterfall energy clearing it, you can pump your favourite tunes and have a dance off, or bang drums, light a candle with a clearing intention, call on Hekate or Archangel Michael to stand outside of your home and draw the energy, entities and spirits out, and show them where they need to go, perform a ritual clearing, up your personal and home energy protection, grab some tourmaline…or ask your guides on the best way to clear your and your space.  Trust the first answer that comes and feels light or neutral.

I find with fear around kids and spirits at night, a bowl of salt or salt water by the bed is the best method, and empty it down the sick or toilet in the morning.

So, all in all, most ghost stories either aren’t ghosts, or they aren’t actually scary or out to harm us.  You are an energetic being yourself, so trust your instincts too.  Has this helped you clear up some of your questions around ghost stories or experiences?