The leo full moon eclipse has been intense.   It has brought up a lot of inner fire, and joy and passion (a heat wave here in Australia),  and it has shone the light in some areas where we feel not so competent.  Our self talk has been coming up.  Some of us have really experienced our negative self talk lately, and have been surprised at the seeming depth of it.  The purpose of this is to be celebrated!  It has come up to be healed. Yay!

In my Facebook group I suggested some loving limits might help.  If this kind of positive self talk resonates with you, I invite you to take a look at Marion Rose’s Inner Loving Presence Process.

We have now passed the peak of the full moon.  How are you feeling?  I hope that you are feeling confident queen or king of your domain (especially within yourself).
For me, my attention has been drawn to where it was needed, and I have put in the self care work over the last week and I am feeling great!
If you are still working through a few lower Leo vibes (self-judgement, control issues, unwarranted ferocity etc), I invite you to look at who you want to be for now, and who you want to be stepping forward.  Which parts of you want to emerge now?   I invite you to write a list of the qualities,  start with ‘I am’ if it feels right.   Read them to yourself in the mirror.   Love yourself.  Allow your light to shine.  What does your dream future self do (and I don’t just mean work)?  What does their day look like? What do they value?  How do you feel knowing this?
I wonder if it helps you to know that you already are that person that you ‘plan’ to be ‘in the future’?
Sending lots of love,  joy,  self confidence and pride your way.  Roar.

Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet