Woohoo! My website is up and running! My intention for this year has been to share more of my knowledge with you, so you can get your own everyday magic really happening.  I see you’ve met my blog (seeing as you’re reading a post on it), let me walk you through the rest of it…

Everyday Magic

There’s an exciting Everyday Magic section, which is for members only (ooh).  That’s where you can find things like my 40 Days of gratitude course.  I plan to keep adding more courses to this, so members end up with a course library of everyday magic know how…syncing with the seasons, creating a magical herb garden, kitchen witchery and cooking magic, daily magic, setting up an altar, home energy, staying present, developing your intuition, interpreting symbols….the list is endless (well, mine is a few pages long so far).  If there’s something you’d like to learn, or a course you’d like to see, I invite you to share in the comments below.

I’ve had a few questions on what it’s all about, so I’d like to share some more info visit this blog post on the course.

Readings, crystals, and magical tools

The other part is the usual fun stuff I have on my site with some new products and readings added.  And here’s a code for free shipping ( FREESHIP50 ) for this month to celebrate. Yay!

If there are any products or ritual packs you want to see, comment below 🙂