Litha Ritual

Saturday 17th December 2016, 9.30am Sydney, AU time

Learn about the meaning of Litha and how to design your own personal ritual for celebrating it.

What will I learn?

This short webinar will teach you:

  • what Litha is
  • themes of Litha
  • questions to ask yourself at this time
  • Litha ritual tips
  • how you can celebrate Litha in your own style
  • my favourite Litha ritual

About Cat

Cat is a witchy mumma goddess of two boys and a dog. She’s also a psychic, an intuitive card reader, tea leaf reader, a sunshine lover, a natural therapist, a gardener of edible plants (what do you call that?), and an animal lover. She feels that magic, nature, spirituality and everyday life are intertwined: a lot of people today appear to have forgotten this. Cat has a family history of professional psychics and is inspired to help others create everyday magic easily, and trust their intuition.

Cat has always been drawn to self/spiritual development and believes that we all have intuitive ability. Through various circumstances throughout life (or past lives) we can block or forget our connection to self. It’s times like these that we need a ‘nudge in the right direction’ to reconnect with ourselves.

After a few strong nudges from the universe, and through the spiritual journey of motherhood, Cat decided to further develop her intuition. She has done a lot of work on releasing fear and trusting herself, and making magic a part of everyday life. This attracted a lot of people asking questions about themselves and the energetic world, which has inspired her to help others through the journey to hearing and trusting their inner voice, and living a happier, more connected life.

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Why people love Cat and Readings for Clarity:

“I’d like to thank you so much for this. My view on psychics has definitely been clarified, and I no longer feel the negative pull that has been associated with the term.”

“Just like the name suggests, after each reading I have experienced clarity about issues that I have been struggling to either rectify or accept using personal reflection alone.”

“Although initially I was unsure, Clarity Readings exceeded my expectations – not only did Cat send my reading within two days of my claiming my gift voucher, but the reading was accurate (my family agreed that it was spot on!), positive, and encouraging. I have returned to my reading many times for encouragement and inspiration over the past year.”

“Cat’s reading was so on point it was fabulous!!! I got the answers I needed to move past personal barriers and the best part about an online reading is that I am able to refer back to it months on and still find guidance in parts of the reading that didn’t make sense at the time. What and amazing talent this woman has!! Thanks Cat xx”

“My only hesitation sometimes is learning the truth….mainly if it was to be something negative or something you didn’t want to hear/know. I never find Cat’s reading negative and her approach is sensitive. She understands how to communicate on a gentle level.”

“Somehow Cat manages to dig deep on a personal level which brings a level of comfort and the fact that she senses the very core of those loved ones who have passed really makes you feel that you are truly connecting!”

“Wow! I can’t believe how eerily accurate you have been for us! I’ve had a few readings from Cat and she has been SPOT ON for quite a number of things namely picking up on a pregnancy! It took more than 5 years to fall pregnant with my first baby so naturally I was quite sceptical when she suggested another pregnancy was around the corner… And she was right! I will always turn to Cat for guidance and I wouldn’t trust anyone else.”

Connect with Cat

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