Have you noticed how kids at the playground find their own ways to use the equipment? As adults we often see what the park is ‘meant’ to be. A boat,  a rocket,  a slide,  tunnel, monkey bars, a car … you get the idea.   Kids, when they play, use the tunnels as climbing frames, lie on top of the monkey bars,  climb up slides and over safety rails…and the doesn’t even get into the imagination side of things!

I wonder if you’ve considered how we are trained to think in a certain way. Recognise certain things,  ignore others,  put things into categories knowing their purpose.  It’s the classic inside/outside of the box concept.

I wonder if you’ve extended this concept to your intuition.

Have you questioned whether you’re allowing conventional intuitive abilities, and have forgotten others that come naturally to you?

I wonder what would show up in your world if you asked yourself ‘what else can I see here?’ ‘Is there a less obvious way that feels more natural to me?’ ‘How can I play in a way that suits me?’