I am always telling you how important self care is, and the response I usually get is something along the lines of “but I never have the time to do something for myself” which as you probably know, my answer is “schedule it in”.  This may still too big of a step, so here are some self-nourishment tips for the ‘time poor’ and ways you can work it in to every day.

did you knowBreathe – How often do you really take the time to take a deep breath or a sigh and just let your body and nervous system relax?  Right now, I want you to breathe in expanding your belly first then expanding the chest, then breathe out relaxing the chest first and then the belly.  Feel good?  Do a couple of those stopped at traffic lights, while you are on the phone,  before you answer a phone call, or when you have a ‘mental blank’ or confused moment at your desk at work.

Smile – Are you near someone, or near a mirror?  Smile at that person, or even yourself – it really does make you feel warm and fuzzy.  Studies show that smiling send signals to your brain and it makes you feel happy.  Smile while you walk to work.

Be Present – Stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand.  You’ll feel much more satisfied with what you’ve accomplished and you will feel your mind is clearer.  Going over the past often leads to a lower mood, and worrying about the future and the next job on the list can often lead to anxiety.  So focus on one task at a time.  This includes drinking that cup of tea or coffee!

Ground yourself – Go outside, put your feet on the grass, the dirt, the sand, or even natural rock.  Studies have shown that touching the earth really does ‘ground’ you, relaxing your nervous system and supporting a good mental state.  This is part of the reason we often feel reenergised after a day out in nature.  So when you find yourself outside, take those shoes off!

Sing – Sing in the shower, sing to yourself, sing while you’re cooking, sing about what you’re doing even if you use made up words (save this one for at home).  It’s fun, and doing the things you enjoy nourish you.

Dance – Dance around the house, dance while you’re cleaning.  Dancing or even just listening to music you enjoy will really give you a boost.

Nourishing yourself and recharging your batteries doesn’t always have to be a weekend away, a pamper package, or overindulgence.  Work simple things like smiles, laughing, hugs, music and things you enjoy into your day to day living and be in the moment when you do them.  It really is the little things that can save you from burnout.

What are your ideas on how to work something you enjoy into your day to day life?
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