Bespoke Magic ritual service


Your Bespoke magical ritual pack.

Time to create some powerful magic, but don’t have the tools, or are a bit stuck with which energies to work with?  Let me make you a bespoke ritual pack, and create your own magic.

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Time for some magic, but feeling a bit stuck on what tools and energies to use, or how to go about it?  Tell me exactly what it is that you’re trying to create, if there is any energy, symbols or crystals that you’re drawn to via online form.  We will have a 20 minute Zoom session (video call) or phone call, and I will then personally create, source, hand pick, and energetically charge a pack full of magical goodies for you and your intention.  I’ll also provide you with any necessary instructions, but it is important that you follow your intuition and what resonates with you.

This pack is likely to include most of the following, depending on what is applicable for you;
A candle
Bath salts
A talisman
An incantation
An activity for you to create your own ritual
Step by step guide of how to use your pack

An all in one, how to, for you to have a transformative ritual or spell.

This will take some time to create, and may depend on the moon phases and seasons for energetic charging.

Limited numbers of this service are available at any one time.  I do not offer ritual packs for bending the free will of others or to cause harm, and reserve the right to refuse this service in these cases.

What others say about their bespoke ritual experience: “My words cannot show the full depths of gratitude I feel for you being able to put into words what has been evolving for me. Your awareness and intuition are truly beautiful.” – Jen K