Magical Dark Moon bath salts


Made with that cleansing, removing, releasing, reducing, healing dark moon energy.  A calm, soothing way to cleanse and replenish yourself.  Let these salts hold you while you let go of your worries and fears (you can use the incantation provided), and allow healing to happen.  Made with certified organic ingredients.  250g

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These magical bath salts are made for dark moon energy.  These are perfect for energetic intentions involving

*  disposing of ‘baggage’ that you no longer need
*  reducing obstacles and addictions
*  healing
*  connecting with your intuition for self reflection
*  removing fear
*  enhancing peace and flow

They are also a calm, soothing way to cleanse and energise yourself; have a soak with your intention and let the rest wash down the drain.  Bath salts come with a dark moon incantation so you can really focus on the magical energy.  They are ideal for those times where you want to fully relax.  I never have a bath without moon salts!

As these are hand made and magically charged there is a limited number of these available.

Ingredients:  Fine sea salt, magnesium sulfate, certified organic yarrow, certified organic lavender.  Approx 250g pack.

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Weight 250 g


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