Magical Full Moon bath salts


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Made with that bright, shiny, expanding, whole, abundant full moon energy.  An absolutely beautiful way to cleanse and energise yourself.  Have a soak with your intention (using the incantation that comes with the salts), and let the rest wash down the drain.  Made with certified organic ingredients.  250g

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These magical bath salts are made for full moon energy! These are perfect for many energetic intentions

*  attracting abundance
*  expanding and enhancing your energy
*  healing
*  connecting with your intuition and enhancing your psychic senses
* manifesting success
*  enhancing positivity and love

They are also an absolutely beautiful way to cleanse and energise yourself; have a soak with your intention and let the rest wash down the drain.  Bath salts come with a full moon incantation so you can really focus on the magical energy.  They are also ideal for those times where you want to bliss out.  I never have a bath without moon salts!

As these are hand made and magically charged there is a limited number of these available.

Ingredients:  Fine sea salt, magnesium sulfate, certified organic chamomile, certified organic rose petals.  Approx 250g pack.


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