Magical Mornings online course


Magical mornings make for magical days. 9 days of powerful mindful magic to transform your daily life.

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Hooray!  Your journey to everyday magic has started.

I LOVE that you are here.

Do you already do a bit of magic here and there?  Do you try to stay conscious and work with the law of attraction?   Do you feel there’s opportunity for magic all around you but can’t seem to unlock it?   Did you feel a yes to any of those,  or were you simply drawn to the course?    Either way you’re in the right place!

You don’t need to be a certain way,  you don’t have to have any special gift.  I trust that the magic is already within you if you are here.

The modules are ordered by day, but are flexible with where you start and the pace you go at. The course is designed as a 9 day process.

These days prepare you to feel the magic..
Day 1 – Connect
Day 2 – Ground
These days share with you the magical pieces you can consciously choose (without adding any time to your day)..
Day 3 – Morning rhythm
Day 4 – Getting up
Day 5 – Breakfast
Day 6 – Bathing/showering
Day 7 – Getting dressed
Day 8 – Hair
Day 9 – Accesorising

There is also a Final Day that supports you to create your own magical morning rhythm, reflecting on what felt aligned for you, and brings all of those pieces together.


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