Sex Magic Digital Booklet – #SexMagicBooklet


Manifesting, connecting and energising through our sexual energy.  Yeah baby!

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💖 Sex Magic …

Yes it is sex, AND it is all about connection to ourselves, our power, our creation and our divinity!!

💋 Discover how powerful your sexual energy actually is

💋 Know how to feel radiant from the inside out

💋 Feel like the sexy goddess you are, even when you’re doing housework

💋 Discover your art of play

💋 Attract more from your lover

💋 Feel desirable

💋 Feel love and freedom in being sexy

💋 Learn exactly how to use sex magic to manifest


The pieces I  highlight for you in this booklet are;

💖The power of your sexual energy
– for yourself, with a partner and for baby making and role modelling for kids

💖How desire and pleasure ignite your sparkle
– how desire and pleasure are two separate things (that do not always have to lead to consummation)

💖Loving yourself and your desire
– discovering what you love, and healing from shame

💖Channeling turn on and living your own sex magic
– how to play with this powerful magic in day to day life

And… the finale

💖Your Sex magic manifesting guide
– on your own, or with a partner



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