This is the final instalment in the Stress less series.  I loved hearing back from you on how you stress less.

stresss lessWe’ve gone through how to deal with excess stress and bring stress levels down pre-emptively with various treatments, exercise and at home strategies.

The important thing with stress is to look after yourself, in every aspect.  Look after your body, look after your mind and look after your spirit.  We all know how to look after our bodies (at least what we ‘should’ be doing), looking after our mind and spirit is a bit harder – the bodywork and exercise does help us mentally and spiritually too.  Sometimes we need to write our thoughts/feelings in a journal, or see a practitioner who can help us with whatever is going on in our lives.  It is often a matter of making time for yourself, doing the things you enjoy and ‘refuelling’ in your own way.

Whether I’ve given you too much info throughout the series and it’s swirling around in your head, or whether it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, I hope I have helped motivate you in some way; whether it was making your list of things you need help or support for, or things you just need others to be aware of and then verbalising these to people. Getting that treatment you have been putting off, or starting to set a few boundaries and stress management strategies for yourself.

To finish the series, and to really stress less – start by writing a list of things you enjoy, any hobbies you have or anything you want to try and schedule those into your diary.  I promise you, you’ll feel much better and more motivated to start looking after yourself and become less stressed in the process!