Welcome to the second instalment in my Stress less Tune-in series.

exerciseI noticed only recently, when I missed some gym training sessions and yoga classes, that without physical activity my joints felt locked up. Particularly my hips, and I couldn’t move easily.  I was so glad to get back into it and get the fluid moving through my joints again!  It’s amazing the difference one session of activity can make – either doing it, or not doing it.  If I have planned to exercise, even if I ‘don’t feel like it’, I still go because I know that I always feel better afterwards – no matter how stressed I am.  Having an appointment booked and prepaid with my personal trainer definitely helps!

We all know exercise gets our blood pumping, releases happy hormones and has a HEAP of benefits, but we often find it hard to actually do it.  I am not into team sports, or working towards a marathon or event, but having these goals works for so many people I know.  Personally, I enjoy improving within myself – being able to do better this time than I did the last.  Being pregnant has really challenged my perception of this, as I can do less than what I could, but am still getting stronger.  Thankfully, my personal trainer knows how to remind me of this and keeps my motivation up.

I find that having a personal trainer, or making plans with family and friends to do exercise or a fun activity really makes a difference as to whether you get that extra activity (and those endorphins).  Spending time doing an activity you enjoy is not just about exercise,  it’s about having some fun – away from the computer, the iphone, the ipad, the to-do list and taking some time to nourish yourself and to vent some of that built up adrenalin and frustration that can often come with stress.  If you exercise regularly, you may also find you sleep better and can relax in the evenings.

What time is good to exercise?  Whatever time suits you.  Some people want to get it ‘over and done with’ in the morning, or they just want to start the day de-stressed. Others prefer the middle of the day to let off steam, some prefer the evenings when work is done and there is ‘nothing left to worry about’.  Which-ever time works for you, the important thing is that you fit it in.  The weather is getting nice and warm now, so a walk in the sun is the perfect opportunity to clear your head and calm your body down.