I’ve had a few people ask me to write about stress, so the next series of Tune-ins will be about my thoughts and personal preferences on managing stress.

stress lessThere are good stressors and bad stressors that exist.  A good stressor example is massage or exercise – it is a ‘stress’ on the body resulting in a positive outcome.  To keep things simple, when I refer to stress, I mean the ‘bad’ stress, the stuff that makes us tired and cranky and run down.

For me, having an autoimmune thyroid condition means I must be particularly conscious to keep my stress levels down.  Basically, if I get too stressed, my thyroid won’t function properly.  It sounds like a big worry, but the truth is, we are all affected by negative physiological effects from stress and we all should be aware of keeping stress levels down.

What do I do to keep stress levels to a minimum?  I exercise, try to eat well (nobody’s perfect), have regular massages, have regular kinesiology sessions, take herbs to build up my immune system and improve digestion, meditate, go to yoga classes, and a few other things when I need them.

Do all of these things work?  YES!  If I don’t exercise, meditate, or eat well I get cranky and irritable and very wound up.  If I don’t have a massage or any bodywork not only is my body tense, but my nervous system is also tense and I frown a lot unintentionally.  Meditation, Kinesiology and Yoga are where I get my clarity and relaxation – as well as going for walks and doing things I enjoy.

This may sound like a lot to some, but I value my health as a top priority.  One thing I know I will always have is myself – my body, my mind, my spirit.