The general vibe that seems to be around right now is one of challenge.  Whether overcoming one, or feeling like you’re pushing it up hill.  People are feeling the difficulty of things.  In times like this I find it really helpful to journal my thoughts, feelings and observations. At the moment I’m feeling like I’m breaking through that barrier. As I said to Mystic Medusa about the current astrology (her forte, not mine)

I am really enjoying the opportunities to break free of those past shackles (the reactive zone-out unconscious activity one).
I was going to say that I hope you are enjoying it too…but I’ve no doubt that you are.

I don’t know about you, but I have had a cascade of moments that have been resonating with me.  Massive signs, repetitive themes, and truly wonderful moments of showing myself resilience (some I share in the gratitude course fb group), and I really feel that all aspects of myself and my life are coming together (and I thought they were mostly together already)!  Thanks to my journalling, I have come to realise where my true resilience lies.  I want to share some of this with you, particularly if you are struggling with your triggers and challenges right now.  I hope a part will resonate for you on your stuckness too.

Just because I do something once, doesn’t mean that I have to follow down that spiral & ‘everything’ is lost.  It means that I can catch myself (if I need to)…pause…question (if what I’m thinking or feeling is truth)… and make a choice again.  Recommitting to what you want to do & what you want to be are what it’s all about.  It’s not in the ‘toughness’, it’s in the ability to get up and realign again and again and again.  Eventually and gradually it becomes easier, and suddenly, it is second nature.  Resilience.

I have always known this to be true on some level, but this was one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments where I really felt it.  My resilience is so deeply resonant now, that I have total trust that I will flow through and pass any old patterns coming up.  Yay!

So, if you are feeling like I am.. Yay!  I want to celebrate you for climbing the mountain and your perseverance.  If you are still feeling some heavy weight of the reactive, zone-out unconscious activities (whether it’s ’emotional eating’, speaking or yelling ‘before thinking’, or using the facebook mindless scroll) I want you to know that if you keep going, you will get there.  Every time that you find yourself triggered or stuck, it is an opportunity to commit yourself to what you really want.  Keep committing, and the universe will have your back.  I am sending you lots of love.

Are you feeling this vibe now?  Is there something you want to celebrate?  Is there something you are trying to overcome?  Let me know in the comments below,  I’d love to hear how you are going.