For new year’s eve and new years day I have often had a bowl of sand, a candle, and some incense sticks by the door.


I light the candle at the hearth (stove), as I always do, and state “may these wishes be granted in a way that is for the good of all”.   Place it at the door near the bowl, and each family member makes wishes for the new year for themselves and what they’d like to achieve or receive.  I make one for the good of all beings and our planet too.   We light a stick of incense for each intention or wish.  We then stick the incense stick in the bowl of sand and let the smoke take our wishes out to the universe and the skies.


I love the sense that as we are grounding our our wishes in the sand and bringing them into reality, they are also being whispered and echoed out into the world of magic and infusing into our reality as the smoke travels and dissipates.


I love to share the love!
Anyone who visits our home during the time of this ritual… usually on new year’s eve, or on the first couple of days of the new year… is invited to light an incense stick and make their own wishes.


This ritual has always resonated with me, and is something that I’ve done naturally.  I find it so powerful.  What about you?  Is there something that you feel called to do to welcome in the new year?


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