3The 40 Days of Gratitude is about to start.  I’ve had a few questions on what it’s all about, so I’d like to share some more info with you.

After the 12 days of gratitude on facebook was such a success; changing lives, and encouraging people to see the positive around them, I got thinking…how can I make this even better?  I did some research, and there’s so much on gratitude improving our health and happiness (find out more on this in my free Introduction to gratitude course ).  Sonja Lyubmirsky (The How of Happiness) says that our happiness can improve by 40% through our intentional practices…the 40 days of gratitude is about seeing the good things in your life, really feeling it, and creating a regular practice that works for you (whether it’s 3 mins, 30 mins or ongoing bits throughout the day).

My experience of doing the course showed immediate changes to my perspective of the world, and I already have daily gratitude practices.  After only one week of journalling (working with the questions I set up for the course workbook only) I noticed a real positive shift in my consciousness of gratitude and how I viewed what was going on in my life.  I naturally saw more, in the moment.  It’s really awesome, and so much fun when you realise that you’re simply doing it unconsciously, without trying to ‘think positive’.  Mid way through, I did the ‘How I’m feeling quiz’  and compared it to the quiz from before starting a the journal practice.  Even though I had inconsistently (yes, I’m human) practiced my gratitude notes, the answers were comparably different and much easier to answer.  On my reflection I used words like “easy, no brainer” and “shifts, joy, easy to see gratitude”, and life was in flow.  I absolutely love this… something so simple having a massive impact on our lives (particularly those of us who are busy).

To find out if the course is for you, and what is included, including the early bird goodies visit the sign up page