So I’ve given you a whole bunch of things that I do to stress less, and a few tips on how to create some boundaries like avoiding TV and computers before bed.  I also find planning tomorrow, today a helpful tool then I’m not worrying (or dreaming) about the next day.

But what do I do at home to stress less?

I meditate.  Meditation, despite what a lot of people are led to believe, is easy.  The truth is that I don’t always reach a state of ‘zen’, but I don’t have to.  Just taking 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to focus on your breathing, be still, feel into your body and mind, notice what is sore, what thoughts you have and move on to the next thought.

We all can get distracted despite our best efforts at times.  A few things I do to stay in the meditation space;

  • Create a space specifically for meditation. It’s not near the computer, in bed or anywhere that has a distinct purpose or activity for me.  We are lucky enough to have a sun room and a back yard, so I am spoilt for choice in where to create my space.  Some people meditate in the car (not driving of course) or the shower because it is the only place they get their ‘me time’.
  • Burn incense, it almost gives me a mental time frame to sit down and stay calm for – I prefer to use rose or frankincense incense (in resin) burnt on a charcoal disc.
  • Count my breaths 1..2..3..4..5.. then again and again. You can also count the seconds breathing in and make sure the out breath is longer than the in breath.
  • Focus on a leaf or a candle flame – it’s like staring into space but you are focussed.
  • Guided meditation – I have a few CDs with meditations that range from 2mins to 60 mins. You can even get a 7 minute meditation from iTunes

There are so many ways to give it a go, and so much research showing the benefits, it is really worth making the time.  Sometimes my husband asks me “Have you meditated lately?”  What he really wants to say is “you’re becoming stressed, agitated and annoying” and that he knows it will help me settle within myself.  This must be proof enough that it makes a difference!